About Jimmy O

Jimmy O with Gold Medals Jimmy O and Dog Born with a birth defect. 37 operations starting at age three. Battles cancer 1981 to present. Prostate and skin cancer. His physicians credit Jimmy O's intese workouts/training regimen in overcoming prostate cancer.

January 2004 his physician Dr. Hawes informed Jimmy O he had prostate cancer. "I was stunned," he states. "I felt faint. The room started going round and round and I didn't remember hearing anything else my doctor said." Jimmy O was in the midst of preparing for his first Senior Olympics. "My world came crashing down. My life was over." One day prior to his scheduled surgery he went to the track. "I started jogging my usual 400M. after about 50M I stopped and headed back to my car. I kept saying my life is over, no Senior Olympics, quitter, loser. Tears were streaming down my face. I turned to have on more look at the track. From within I listened to an inner voice... thought you were a winner, a figher. I remember yelling out if I'm going to lose my fight to cancer I'm going to go down fighting. I had just experienced a life changing/defining moment. I relive that moment every day. That's what drives me. Courage is standing up in the face of death crying out NOT YET! Those of us fighting cancer realize the words recovery and remission are temporary. Speaking several times to patients and survivors at the Gilda Club I have heard the words 'I have terminal cancer' too often. It's about fighting and sharing."

The First week in April, Jimmy O entered the hospital for surgery (seed implant). He resumed training five days later, and later that year he compted in his first Senior Olympics and won three gold medals. "As a sprinter, I want that finish line to move toward me. As a cancer survivor, I want the final finish line to keep moving away." Jimmy O's workout routine continues two hours a day, six days a week. Until 1/1/14 he conducted 10 fitness clinics and five sports clinics a week. He competes in track and field, tennis, racquetball, pickle ball and martial arts. His passion carries over to working with cancer patients and people with disabilities. "Fate is what life gives you, destiny is what you do with it. Get behind the wheel of your life." Senior Olympian Jimmy O Running Most of Jimmy O's time is now centered on his motivational/keynote speaking, writing his book and producing a DVD for people with disabilities.

Quotes from clinic participants

Grace P
"I have been in Jimmy O's fitness and sports clinics, Balance Your Live and pickle ball. Excellent instructor. Showing and explaining benefits of each excercise. Watchful, patient, encouraging and fun. Assisted him in his classes for people with disabilities... very rewarding"

Lynn P
"He makes me laugh away the dark clouds. He encouraged me to believe in myself, to compete with the best."

- Jimmy O

  • Age 80
  • In addition to his personal workouts he conducts 15 classes a week. 10 classes of "Balance your life" and 5 classes of pickle ball.
  • Named 2010 Male Athlete of the Year by West Michigan Sports Commission
  • Recipient of the Governor’s Fitness Award for 2010
  • Retired Successful Businessman
  • Multi Gold Medalist competing in Senior Olympics, National Senior Games, Masters, and State Games
  • Personal/Athletic Trainer
  • Prostate Cancer Survivor
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Acclaimed Most Ethical CEO
  • Author
  • Founder of SHORELINE SENIOR SPORTS,Hero Ball, Balance Your Life, H.U.G.S., First to the Finish Line