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Senior Personal TrainerBelow are some links that we have found useful and recommend for browsing. We feel the information may be useful in your own evaluation and creating your fitness plan.

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Senior Personal Trainer
Front row L to R Joan, Jean, Sue. Back row L to R Romie, Lynn, Jimmy O and Grace.

The missing link in fitness, "how to acquire mental fitness skills." Learn how to acquire and develop mental exercises which are progressive in nature. Learning the power of "Psychological Moment"...the relationship between your physical stimuli and sensory response. Creating "On Demand Moments" The perception of an experience has the ultimate power as to how we feel when it's happening. Most of us do not realize the power we have. Add FUN. From childhood we gravitate to things that are fun. "If I am comfortable, I do not move. Disturb your homeostasis." Get out of your comfort zone.

Gracie C..."I never realized how much fun exercise could be."